Tom Crone passed away February 17, 2024 of complications from COPD


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Tom Crone specializes in the presentation of intimate magic, be it a stand-up show for up to fifty people, or an up-close "parlor magic" program in your home for your special guests.

As a Magician and Mentalist, his shows take you on a journey into the wondrous world of imagination. He bends the laws of physics. He explores the limitless potentials of the human mind.

Just Imagine...!

... Silver dollars appear and vanish into empty space ... Large silver rings melt into each other, separate, form linked chains ... You are asked to read the magician's mind, and you can!

The shows are in good taste, participants have fun without fear, and all are amazed.

Tom has performed and taught magic, written articles for major magic magazines, and published Misdirection for Close-up Magicians, which has sold internationally to several markets (and in the U.S., too). It's for sale on this web site.